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Welcome to Canada

Added on February 19, 2012
Canada is situated in North America with USA being its only closest neighboring country. It shares the world largest borderline with USA in southern and western part. Three oceans are guarding the other borders of Canada. They are Atlantic Ocean on the east, Pacific Ocean in the west and Arctic Ocean in the north thus making a long coastline for more than 200 thousand kilometers. It is in the northern hemisphere for which it has a cold temperature mostly throughout the year. It is the second largest country in the world in respect to land surface area. The capital of Canada is Ottawa but the most populated city of Canada is Toronto which consists of 7% of total population of the country. Canada has a population of about nearly 34 million people which tells that the population density of the country is quite low when compared to the rest of the world. Most of the people in Canada leave in urban areas. The population of urban areas is about 80 percent in Canada. The gross domestic product per capita income of Canada is quite higher than the rest of the world. It is about 40000 USD per capita.
If we go back to history of Canada then we will find that it gained its freedom from the British Empire in 1867 but retained to be a common wealth nation to the British Empire.  Canada is mainly build up by the immigrants from different countries and ethnic group. It didn’t have its original natives. The most populated ethnic group is the British which consist of about nearly 30 percent of the population followed by the French which is about 22 percent. The country is full of natural resources and fuel reserves. The growth of the nation is accelerated due to these vast natural reserves available to the country but one major problem in the climate and natural hazards that create problem in fast progress.  The northern part of the country is mostly filled with frost. There are 10 provinces in Canada which is divided in 3 territories.
Nearly 60 percent of the population of Canada speaks in English and nearly 22 percent of the population of Canada speaks in French. These are other few languages spoken in Canada also. English and French are the official language of the country. The main religion in the country is Christianity in which Roman Catholic predominates.
Canada's judiciary works an enormous element in deciphering legislation and has the energy to arrive at down legislation that separates the Framework. Its nine affiliates are particular by the Governor Typical on the support of the Fantastic Reverend. All idol judges at fantastic and appellate periods are particular by the Governor Typical on the support of the best reverend and reverend of the law, after analysis with non-governmental lawful techniques. The government cabinet appoints justices to excellent lawful legal courts at the provincial and territorial periods. Judicial articles at the reduced provincial and territorial periods are packed by their particular governments.