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Vancouver City Information

Added on February 19, 2012
Vancouver city was established in the year 1930s .It is basically a sea port city which adds to its beauty and innocence .Vancouver city covers British Canada and Columbia .Vancouver city is basically the eight largest city in its population .Vancouver is basically known for its population ,its people ,its culture ,its food ,its climate ,it’s beautiful locations ,and it’s beautiful beaches .To add to the fact Vancouver city has a very large no of tourist visiting to its place and this is because of its very glamorous beauty .It is also seen as a place where most of the film shootings are done .people from different places come to Vancouver to shoot their movies It is said to be the favorite destination for the Indian film makers for their movies .more than 25 percent of the Hindi boll wood movies are shoot at Vancouver .
Vancouver city is also famous for its food in all over the world .Vancouver city is known for its delightful food and beautiful hotels and restaurants .Here we find people having more of sea food but people in Vancouver city are also very experiential with the kind of food they eat .people not only prefer the vancoven foods but also prefer other country foods also like we have Indian food ,Mexican food ,Chinese food Italian food as so on .The beauty of Vancouver city are there beaches and considering that they have built their majority of hotels and restaurants on the beach side which not only adds to the beauty of the city but also provides a smoothening and and relaxing effect to its visitors .Mostly people from Vancouver and outside the city come to this place to enjoy its beaches and take sunbath as Vancouver is cold city .We even find Indians coming to this place to enjoy the beauty of this place .
Vancouver city is also very famous for its farm and agricultural land .The land of Vancouver is very productive and fertile .the cites main aim is not only to provide good food to its people but it also is very good and fertile in producing agricultural products .the city is basically known for its organic products like cabbage ,cauliflower, brinjal ,onions ,potatoes etc .these organically products are those products that are made by using made chemicals and fertilizers rather than using the natural fertilizers .these organically produced foods which are grown on the lands of Vancouver can be stored over for a longer period of time .Vancouver city is famous for its tomatoes and reddish .the kind of tomatoes and radish grown at this place is very red and and tasty .therefore we can say that Vancouver is extremely a good city be be visited as it has beautifully envoirnment ,lush green lands ,beautiful places to be visited ,beautiful beaches and absolutely adorable climate .therefore every one must visit the Vancouver city once in a life time as it is a paradise on our mother earth .