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D.W. Alexander: One of The Best Toronto Bars

D.W. Alexander was named after its namesake who was a reputable dealer in leather. It is located in the heritage building which used to be a warehouse, where in the late 1870s there was a drinkery visited by workers from the factories to celebrate the end of a working day with their favorite cocktail or a hard drink.

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How to Snowboard Tutorials and Training

Watch online dojo videos delivered by Snowboard Dojo Wiz. Discover world’s best snowboarding theories including all basics and fundamentals of snowboarding. People who are fond of snowboarding can gain all skills with their internal wish and faster than others. Interest creates major impact on snowboarding. Before going to start, watch online tutorials and trainings to find what is required for snowboarding as well as how to start snowboarding. How to stop the snowboard and get to know all the small tips and tricks for an efficient snowboarder?

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