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PureCybin formulated by a team of mushroom experts who utilize their skills with knowledge and techniques with psilocybin for helping in the optimization of the overall quality of your thinking capabilities.

Zolex Hand Cleaner

Zolex Hand Cleaner is Tough on Dirt, Soft On Hands! Our premium industrial hand cleaner and are very helpful in removing grease and dirt from your hands. We are the manufacturers of the hand cleaners best suited for industrial and heavy duty work.

Jive Honey

Jive honey hits different because it’s MADE different. Our 100% Canadian raw honey is taken fresh straight from the farm. After blueberry and cranberry pollination season in BC, our hives are strategically transported to key locations all across Canada to give our bees the healthiest and tastiest flowers. Our honey is then extracted and packaged with a low heat temperature process that ensures its integrity and quality. So you’re getting every ounce of that farm fresh goodness. Learn more:


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virtual healthcare

virtual health centres can give patients on-request care without the pause. These virtual visits will permit you to be assessed with no break in care without venturing out to any attendant practice.

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