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Tissue Biopsy

Molecular Testing and Molecular Insights leader Foundation Medicine provides powerful insights to help personalise treatment strategies. The Foundation Medicine comprehensive genomic profiling approach broadly analyses the tumour genome to identify clinically relevant alterations and potentially expands patients’ treatment options. Contact for Foundationone Testing.

virtual healthcare ontario

• Virtual care allows patients’ access to Medical Providers for assessment, diagnosis and treatment options. Our Medical Providers serve most of your needs conveniently from the comfort of your home by preventing unnecessary visits to busy clinics or hospitals. Swiftly book your virtual medical visit online so you can start feeling better, faster! Visit- or call- 877-251-0077


MedCare Diagnostics, a leading integrated diagnostic services provider, conducts COVID-19 tests that are rapid and cost-effective with accurate results in just 24 to 72 hours. Our experts have set up COVID-19 screening solutions that are thorough and simple to implement. Visit- or call- 289-292-0452

Get An Independent Molecular PCR COVID-19 Test Before You Tr

[MedCare Diagnostics][1] is committed to supporting the health and safety of Ontario residents by providing high quality and professional diagnostic services in modern, state-of-the-art diagnostic testing facilities. MedCare Diagnostics has highly qualified medical practitioners who have a variety of backgrounds and interests to meet the patient needs. Visit- | 289-292-0452


As a mother myself, we all understand the struggles many parents go through with sleep deprivation everyday. I remember having to hop online from one seller to another trying to find the best sleep & wellness products to help my little one get a better night sleep.

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