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Horizon Occupational Health Solutions

Horizon Occupational Health Solutions is the occupational health division of the Medisys Health Group and has been delivering occupational health services for 30 years. We believe that employee health programs should be the cornerstone of any corporate health strategy. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides clinical and remote medical services across Canada at our many locations. We provide a full range of health services and specialist services available at this clinic for Pre-employment Services, Pre-employment Medical Assessments, Seafarers medical (Transport Canada), Norwegian Medical Examination, Bermuda Seafarers Medical Examination, Immigration Panel (Canada), Immigration Panel (United States) and many others.

Healthcare Counselors/USA/UK/CANADA

Healthcare Counselors , in general, is an advisor, who listens to the patients expressing their thoughts, feelings, and behavior and guides them with an empathic and supportive approach. All these are related to the person’s state of mind, which means that it has got more to do with the patient’s state of mind and the mindset which they had developed. A healthcare counselor may or may not be a medical Practioner. However, they provide a talking therapy to the patients so they can come to terms with any kind of distressing and traumatic incidents. Speaking from the marketing perspective, it is an opportunity for you to reach out to the healthcare counselors to market your products to them for which you need an uncompromised Healthcare Email List. Pegasi Media Group provides you with an uncompromised Email List and helps you to reach your desired milestone.

Ray Yoga Studio

Your health is the most expensive and sophisticated gadgets in the world. Ray Yoga Studio is dedicated to provide the ORIGINAL yoga to Ray Yogis. Yoga is just not about bending your bodies. It is more to restraint of mind activities, control your life in a disciplined way, feel your breath, make your body healthy and sense the divine power. Our instructor Ray Chakrabarti learned yoga from renowned yoga gurus in India since his childhood and now he is dedicated to serve original yoga to Ray Yogis. We are “Original from Origin”.

Ray Yoga Studio

Ray Yoga Studio is devoted in transforming your health into wealth though ancient but modern yoga science. We are first-of-its kind to introduce “Purna Kriya”, a combination of yogic practices. Our unique yoga flow “Purna Kriya” is designed considering the 5 elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space to fulfill the requirements of original yoga. Our yoga instructor Ray Chakrabarti had the opportunity to learn original yoga in India since his childhood from renowned yoga gurus. Ray Yoga Studio is dedicated to provide original yoga to Ray Yogis. We are “Original from Origin”.

Waterloo, ON Renowned Family Dentist – Advance Dental Care

At Advance Dental Care in Waterloo, Ontario we help you get a beautiful smile that turns heads. Emergencies are seen same day. All services provided under one roof. If you have a dental phobia, we can provide sedation options or laughing gas to ease your anxiety.

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