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EXIGE MEDI SPA is a hybrid of clinic & spa services, we are influenced by the philosophies of the Orient and Nature’s balance to healing. We are conveniently located downtown, overlooking the Bow River, making us an ideal escape for business professionals and busy parents. The view and setting will take your breath away and our services will renew your body and mind. Rediscover your health, youth and vitality with acupuncture (T.C.M.D), acupressure massage, reflexology, body massage (R.M.T). EXIGE services are one of a kind and a must experience by everyone.

Smile Care

Smile Care provides best dental treatment and equipped with the top dental technology.


The Canadian Transplant Society is currently looking for an individual to help streamline and upgrade the look of it's Social Media Campaign. You will be evolved with helping to create the awareness program of the importance of registering to be an organ donor in Canada. Any volunteer hours would be appreciated mainly over the phone. You will be helping to save lives.

implant dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist, Dental implants & Invisalign Winnipeg, At Dental Winnipeg, our Expert team of Dentists offer Cosmetic dentistry, Dental implants, Invisalign, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Dentures implants and Gum Treatments.

Ephedrine direct

ephedrine is a nasal descongestant but many people use it with caffeine to burn fat. This is known as the EC stack. ephedrine is only available in 8mg tablets due to current health regulations in Canada.