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Dental Checkup In London, Ontario

Spagnuolo Dentistry in London provides dentistry services to patients which helps to treat their oral health problems.

New Market Dental

Newmarket Dental Care in Newmarket, Ontario offers General, cosmetic & laser dentistry. Contact us today at our Dental Clinic. Whitening, extractions, implants and anesthesia.

Salt Crystal Health Center Offers Unique Treatment

The Salt Crystal Health Center is North America's largest Salt Therapy Center. With five Salt Rooms that customers can opt from, each with its own Halogenerator, Salt Crystal is the first Salt Room in Calgary, offering various packages ranging from 10-25 sessions and 30 minutes for children and 50 minutes for adults. Halotherapy is a physical, drug free and non-invasive 100% natural safe therapy that has an 85%-98% efficiency rate with patients of all ages.

YES! Summer Camp - International Art of Living Centre - Cana

Art of living YES! program Yoga, breathing & meditation Outdoor adventures Bonfires & music Organic gardening Community service.

Edgar Family Chiropractor

Edgar Family Chiropractor in Burlington provides a exclusive Service to its patient like chronic pain, sports injury, pregnancy care, paediatrics, acupuncture, Massage Therapy, women’s health, motor vehicle accident and work injury rehabilitation. We also offer our services in the following languages: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian.