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Buddha Barn Medicinal Cannabis

Non-profit organization dedicated to helping people treat their symptoms with nature’s best and safest medicine. We provide medicinal cannabis products. We place a priority on selection. Organic, efficient, with regulated levels of potency, we have a wide variety of effective cannabis strains with multiple methods of ingestion.New patients are always welcome. We have an onsite practitioner available.

Sofia Lashes

Sofia Lashes specializes in the application of natural-looking eyelash extensions. Sofia Lashes offers a Full Scope Eyelash Extensions, YUMI™ Keratin Lash Lifting services with Eyelash and YUMI™ Technology in Edmonton, Alberta

SPOX Healthcare Private Limited

SPOX Healthcare Private Limited is one of the leaders in manufacturing Dental X-Ray machines, medical diagnostic X-Ray machines, specializing, etc. The X-ray beams are usually pointed towards the tumor so that very little damage is done to the rest of the body through radiation. The x-ray damages the DNA to kill the cancer cells or it prevents the cells from multiplying.

Wealth Shop

A premium medical cannabis shop with a commitment to improving quality of life and empowering positive change.

Dr. Normand Bach, Orthodontiste

Le Dr Normand Bach est professeur agrégé au département d'orthodontie de l'Université de Montréal. Sa pratique est limitée à l'orthodontie chez les enfants, adolescents et adultes. Les options de traitement vont de l'orthodontie interceptive à l'orthodontie combinée à la chirurgie orthognathique à l'aide de boitiers conventionnels auto-ligaturants, boitiers esthétique et Invisalign.

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