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Cell Phone Repair Solutions

Welcome to Cell Phone Repair Solutions in Calgary, AB. We have dedicated ourselves to the revivals, repairs, and replacement of mobile devices. We offer a wide array of services that will have any customers satisfied and taken care off! There is nothing but quality assure and expert advice to get your gadgets to their optimal state. Most clients requesting services from us are looking for repairs for their software or hardware. You can trust in our to use the best original parts on your device. The mobile phone and tablet industry have become so giant and important in our day to day lives, that we can not help but ignore fixing the issues that may come along the way. This trend of growth is only heading upwards, and we must admit, that we are more in demand than every before and are the most professional repairs service, you will find in all of Calgary. We go through a diagnostics process before working on any customers products, because we want to know the full 360 view of what could be going on. Though some services are pretty straight forward like screen repairs, we have to see if the impact that the device took damaged anything else. If we don't do this, you might think that we incurred some damage while repairing another component. See we can't have that going on so we'll have all ends covered. Diagnostic procedures are free, and we don't charge you anything until we complete work for you. You will find a super elite and dedicated repairs team over at Cell Phone Repair Solutions. Customers come first, and you will feel this in our approach we take. You are not leaving our doors until you are completely satisfied! Cell phone providers and manufacturers usually offer a one year warranty on many of their products, but did you know it could take months before they hold on their end of the bargain? Also, they may not accept your warranty if the mobile device was broken under conditions that don't suit their liability clause. Yes, you have been swindled by their super long contracts and flashy promo. We take all your issues you are having and make it brand new! Did we mention we have a fast turn around time, and you will be receiving your phone back in no time? Who can go without their gear for long periods of time anyways? It's just not something we can ask you to do, so we take it on our shoulders to outperform any of the other cell phone repair shops. You can provide services like screen repair, water damage kits, battery replacement, unlocking services, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. We deal with almost any phone or tablet type devices you are requesting service on. We have the technical know-how of operating on computers and laptops, but yet to implement this service to the general public. We will keep you posted when all our technicians are fully trained and ready to tackle the task. Some jobs we can finish with you in store and some more intense procedures may need you to come in later on when it's complete. Never long wait time, though, we can ensure this! Our team is fully trained and ready to attack any cell phone repairs you may have. Take a look at our complete list of services we provide: • iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, And Tablet Repair • Screen Replacement • Battery Replacement • Unlocking Services • Water Damage Repair Kit • Button, Audio Jack, and Speaker Repair Kit • Camera Replacement • Charging Port Repair • Diagnostic Services • MORE! This is your call to action to Cell Phone Repair Solutions. We have free quote forms for you to fill and free diagnostics as well. Feel free to call us direct at 587-600-0337


Welcome to Dynamite Movers Calgary and thank you for giving a chance for us to speak of our impeccable moving services. We are super serious and responsible with our everyday tasks. We are cheerful and easy going with customers, but you will know right away from our hard work ethic and perfectionist mentalities that we don't mess around. We are highly experienced and can delegate your best moving options. This will save you time and money because we are always looking to optimize our customer interactions and satisfaction. There are many companies who claim they can put a 100% into their jobs, but you haven't seen a dedicated team like ours work at 10x levels. We are always on the go, paying attention to detail, and handling your personal belongings with great care. We are considered by many in the city of Calgary to be the best at what we do. The Dynamite Movers team believes we dominate at what we do! We are the flagship of moving companies in all of Calgary and beyond. We know that moving can be a daunting and messy task if not handled right, so we offer some organizational tips that can help you along the way. Firstly, start preparing for this task weeks or even months in advance. Trust us when we say the longer you have thought this out the smoother the transition. Secondly, have the most efficient and active moving company assist you on the date of the mission. This company is Dynamite Movers of course. We can provide you with packing services and boxes to ease the load. We use techniques that save your walls and objects from being damaged. We have high duty suspension trucks that save your items from the negative impact that can occur on the road. The skills we provide are highly valuable and can for sure give you the edge you need. Especially if you get stressed out with the whole idea of moving. Many people do, and you wouldn't be the first. We fashioned this company with the single idea that we were going to make your lives easier. So we are always improving our arsenal of services professionals and customer referrals. We have come quite far, but now it is time to push to the next level, never happy with our last achievements. We respect you, and your residential or commercial move to another property. We will ensure that everything goes according to plan. We value your time and ours too, so we play on a very punctual clock. We are dependable, affordable, and experts in the field. Take a look at our wide variety of services and you will see that you will not break the bank when choosing us. We are competitively priced and handle you better than anyone else. We are so confident in our abilities that we can't wait to show you what we can do. Take a look at some of the services we can offer you: • Packing Service • Residential • Commercial • Apartments • Offices • Furniture • Storage Units • Events • Retail Stores • Oversized Loads • Outdoor • Province To province/Nationwide Moving • Specialized Collectables • Storage • Pianos • Auto • Trade shows We give it our all on any of these services above. There is always something for you when browsing our site or calling our moving representatives. We make you feel right at home and comfortable. You will feel a sense of ease when you know we are on the way. Our loyal clients give us praise saying that they didn't know the moving process could be so easy. They believed that either way they went that something would happen and cause distress. We chuckle and assure them time and time again, that you are in the right hands when hoping on board our team! Fill out a quote form for your free estimate or feel free to call us direct for a lively experience.Thank you for reading this introduction and welcome to Dynamite Movers Calgary! 587-803-0553


Unlike the other guys' we use Premium chicken Wings from Ontario Farmers that are NEVER frozen or pre-cooked. We fry with Trans-Fat Free and Cholesterol Free Canola oil, which is a good source of Monounsaturated Fat and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Wingporium is dedicated to creating a friendly and casual atmosphere. Our mission is to provide outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value. Wingporium is fitted with several LED TVs with an array of sports networks to choose from.

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