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Eztv Proxy

Do you love watching TV shows? EzTV is one of the best destinations for TV shows, Sitcoms and Movies distribution via torrent. It provides the latest episodes of all popular shows within a few minutes of it officially getting aired on TV, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. The best thing is all these videos are in full HD quality just as it would be on the original platform. Sometimes EzTV can be blocked by your internet service provider as it is a torrent site. This is where EzTV Proxy comes to rescue. A proxy is nothing but an intermediate node between the client and the server that caches the most used web pages and delivers it to the client. It reduces traffic loads from the main server. EzTV Proxy generally blocks direct access to their server for security and reducing server load. It also provides faster access to users as they get connected to the nearest proxy server. EzTV has its own servers where they host the files and generate torrent trackers for them. Users can access these torrent links through EzTV Proxy site and as they do not allow direct access to their servers. Once you start your torrent download you become a leech and a seeder. You download from other trackers while seeding the downloaded file with other leechers. In this article, we’ll share the latest EzTV Proxy 2019 sites you can use to download your favourite shows or movies. We’ll also tell you how you can protect your browsing data by using a VPN and some alternatives for EzTV when the main server goes down.

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