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Lewer Canada

We help you attract and retain employees, leveraging our experience to help you provide value by offering the right benefit solutions for your employees’ needs.

Apluswealth - Toronto

AplusWealth Inc. is an insurance brokerage with access to insurance products from top Canadian Insurance providers. AplusWealth offers a wide range of insurance and investment products such as Life, Health & Dental, Critical Illness, Disability and Travel insurance. Investment products are also available such as TFSA, RRSP and RESP. Our expert licensed advisors will work with you every step of the way. AplusWealth Inc. is also proud to introduce the GetCovered app which allows our customers to get instant online Life, Critical Illness and Disability insurance quotes. GetCovered will help you identify your actual insurance need and work as a virtual insurance advisor and help you compare rates and products to find the right policy.

Insure In Canada - Best Super Visa Insurance Toronto

This is applicable for the parents of a Canadian citizen, this visa can also be availed by the grandparents. This visa gives numerous benefits while booking a trip, such as proper facilities for the weak grandparents. Proper health care benefits are given while on the flight and after the arrival in the country as well.

Super Visa Insurance

Are you ready to get super visa insurance? The best and fast method which allows you to travel and stay in Canada for 6 months at a specific time. Travel to Canada with your whole family with our best visa insurance. Read all our plans here!

Bima Plus

We now know that there are a variety of illnesses and health problems that we have encountered in real life, but in this case, a long-term insurance policy will offer smooth and long-term financial management and security assurance. You should be aware of the exclusions and inclusions when purchasing an insurance policy to ensure that your dependent receives all of the benefits you expect. Providing reasonable budget-based insurance advice and other criteria, as well as constructive money transfers in the service, claims, and maturities, are all part of our job strategy. In Noida, we have renowned insurance leaders such as LIC and other insurance firms. Simply put, life is full of both fun and negative surprises.By taking a Life Insurance Plan one can ensure that he / she is better prepared to face uncertainties in number of ways. If the need arises to choose between the two plans, it is dependent on your and your family's health status, medical history, and financial situation. If you have already purchased an insurance policy and all of that, it will be able to assist you financially during a recession. Bima Plus's knowledgeable Life Insurance Advisor in Noida Sector 37 will explain the life insurance benefits to you. We have well-known insurance leaders in India, such as LIC and other insurance companies. You will need financial protection at some stage in your life. You might need money for a number of purposes, such as college tuition, marriage, healthcare, loan repayment, and so on. Bima Plus Life Insurance Advisor in Noida Sector 18 also advises you to purchase life insurance for you and your family. Because we believe that life is precious, but your family is more precious to you after life ends, our insurance advisors always take care of our customers' benefits. You must choose us for the best plan if you want to financially support your family after you die or if you want to provide them with health insurance. C-78,First Floor, Sector -2 , Noida-201301 Mobile: 783-823-6303 0120-4287261

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