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Revolution Capital

We pride ourselves in being Canada's largest invoice factoring Company. We support over 1,000 businesses with customized solutions across invoice management, credit underwriting, and collection services helping businesses reach their full potential. Address: 27 Roytec Rd #11, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8E3, Canada Phone: (855) 879-1511 Contact Person Name: Michael Rakhnayev Contact Email:

Make my company

The Freezone has a wide range of both local and international flights to Sharjah, making it a popular destination for both business entrepreneurs and leisure tourists. However, the majority of the foreigners that land in Ajman are from the United Kingdom. Many a times, businessmen from the United Kingdom are unable to find a permanent job in Ajman due to the high cost of living in the Ajman Free Zone. This is a major deterrent for the business entrepreneurs of Ajman as the local economy of Ajman depends on the presence of expatriates and their businesses. To ease the problem, the government of Ajman facilitates a relatively simple procedure for foreign entrepreneurs to acquire a seven day aelter to register at the Ajman Free Zone. The Ajman Free Zone Company provides all the assistance needed by the foreign visitors to obtain a visa in order to reside in Ajman. Almost all foreign visitors to the Ajman Free Zone are issued with a visa upon arrival, and they do not need a visa for a stay over a specific period of time. The visa is valid for a specific period of time and is renewable after a particular period of time. Visitors to the Ajman Free Zone are also not required to show proof of a home permanent in order to work in the Zone. After you have received a visa, you can start looking for a work establishment in Ajman. You may either start a new company or a business which already exists in Ajman. Before starting a new company, you have to be aware of the legal requirements you need to fulfill before starting a company. You should visit the Office of the Secretary of State of Ajman where you will obtain a business registration form as well as a copy of its establishment card. After obtaining the business registration form and the establishment card, you have to pay a visit to the Ajman office of the Secretary of State. This will provide you a receipt of payment as proof of the payment transaction. Then you have to proceed to the Ajman Free Zone Company where you can purchase your property from a private owner. The price is based on per square meter and you will have full authority over its disposal. There are three different zones in which you can buy properties. The prices include fixed monthly payments, per square meter payments and the freehold property. With the possession of a freehold property, you can freely rent it out or sell it in the market if you want. The property is categorized as a commercial free zone. It has two floors and the area is approximately one square meter in size. With this, there is a two-story building with one parking space located on the ground floor and one car park on the upper floor. As you see, there are no hidden fees that you need to think about.

Debtconsolidation British Columbia

We at Debtconsolidation British Columbia work for you in a similar way just as your Tax Consultant or Accountant. You hire our expert advice in debt negotiations as we help protecting your assets and safeguarding your rights as our esteemed client. Our goal and aim is to protect your best self-interest and not the creditors, the advice that we offer will make sure you are represented and treated fairly regardless of your current financial situation with respect and dignity throughout the negotiation process of a Consumer Proposal or a Bankruptcy until you receive your final discharge or a Certificate of full performance and ultimately help you preserve a good credit rating which is our ultimate GOAL at Debtconsolidation British Columbia.

white label digital asset bank software

Are you an early-stage start-up, a well-established organization, or a financial institution looking to launch a crypto bank? Accelerate your product launch with Antier. Being a reliable white label digital asset bank software provider, we ensure to deliver the best digital asset banking platform.

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