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Rapid Enterprises Inc

Rapid Enterprises is a full-service CNC precision machine shop located in Toronto, offering machining solutions across 5 axis machining. Industries we serve Industries such as Energy, Construction


Established in 2013, Arnowa is a smart technology developer excelling in designing, manufacturing and implementing smart technology and industry 4.0 infrastructure in communities, cities, industries and municipalities. With high-frequency real-time data and alerts, our solutions provide proactive monitoring and management. Our multi-protocol wireless edge computing devices provide for easy installation and up-gradation of your present hardware, making it agile. Our smart infrastructure strives towards sustainability, checking air, water and soil quality in closed and open spaces. With solar stations, power quality metering, proximity switching, equipment temperature sensors, Arnowa’s sensors could be incorporated in industries for better outputs. Businesses that partner with Arnowa are smarter, more efficient and effective.

Solar Dev Inc.

Solar Dev brings together innovative energy solutions for your home or business. This is done with energy monitoring, incorporating our digital monitoring system to your home or business electrical panel giving us the ability to tell you where you spend your energy money as well as identify opportunities for cost savings. A traditional energy assessment of your property is just not that detailed and is based only on what can be seen.

oil filtration system

To extend the life of transformer the oil used in the transformer has to be purified by oil filtration system once in a while . Now a days this can be done onsite by using advanced machines and skilled engineers. To purify the transformer oil high vacuum oil filtration system machine is engaged. The oil from the transformer is pumped into the inlet and oil gets prepared for processing without any interruptions. The temperature of the transformer oil is raised to a particular level by the heaters present in the machine which separates the moisture from the oil. The heaters are controlled to avoid any overheating. Then the oil is made to fed through the respective oil filtration system. The sludge material present in the insulating oil is removed by filtering through series of filters present inside the high vacuum oil filtration machine.

heating and airconditioning

We have evolved until today it can provide an excellent service in all areas of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation. Carrying out projects, installations, maintenance and legalizations. All this, focused on achieving maximum energy savings, quality and durability of the facilities.

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