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Solvent Replacement

We have been suppling specialty chemicals and equipment for over 40 years. Our customers range from fortune 500 to small companies.

Compressed Gas Technologies Inc.

Since our inception in 2001, Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. has established itself as a leading supplier of non-cryogenic nitrogen gas generators throughout North America. Our gas generating systems produce dry gas from a compressed air source; in the quantity you need, at low cost. Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. systems (membrane or PSA) are used in applications ranging from chemical blanketing to food packaging to oil and gas production and much more.

Simple fire door checks to prevent smoke spread

There are a lot of cases where smoke inhalation proves to be fatal. Sometimes escaping the fire is not enough - you also need to minimize your smoke inhalation. Smoke will incapacitate people from escaping in a timely and orderly fashion. If a fire does break out on the premises, a “responsible individual” has to shut the life-saving fire door so that other occupants can evacuate quickly. Here are some simple fire door checks to prevent smoke spread. First of all, the door gaps in a fire door need to be up-to-date. 2 mm is too thin, and 4 mm is too thick. To properly activate the smoke strips (if installed) and to ensure that the fire door works efficiently, one has to have a 3 mm door gap. Anything less than or more than 3 mm will render the fire door ineffective. Also, for the intumescent strip to be activated, 3 mm is the perfect door gap needed to make them work successfully. Good rated fire doors will be equipped with smoke seals. These strips are quite useful as they seal to close any gap in the fire door frame. Frequently check on these smoke strips to ensure that they are fitted correctly, sealing the frame effectively. Closing the relevant gaps are important as smoke will slither through if there is any gap left unchecked.

Dry Bulk Trucking Houston

When it comes to bulk transportation, Hasten Contracting is the industry leader with a reputation for safe and on-time delivery that exceeds customers’ expectations. Together with our comprehensive knowledge of materials and safety protocols that follow strict regulations, we offer a wide range of bulk transportation trucks to ensure that each load is hauled and transported safely and efficiently.

hasten cleanse

Hasten Cleanse is explicitly planned as a crisis spill reaction specialist for coincidental hydrocarbon spills. Hasten Cleanse quickly bonds itself to hydrocarbon particles. Once reinforced, Hasten Cleanse rapidly smothers vaporization by raising the item's glimmer point. This procedure fundamentally decreases the plausibility of a coincidental start and the danger of fire or blast. Hasten Cleanse has a low surface pressure and doesn't solubilize hydrocarbons. This trademark makes hydrocarbons be repulsed from surfaces to which they are joined and enables characteristic lightness to happen. Industrial degassing solution services provider Address: Houston, TX Phone: 832-655-7763 Email:

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