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Video Making Company

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Visual Effects Studio in Canada

VFX Studio in Canada|Visual Effects Studio in Canada

Absolutely Covered

We are an authorized dealer for Calhoun Super Structures and U-Build Steel Buildings. Our structures are built and commissioned to meet very stringent standards. All of our buildings are engineered to meet the 2010 standards of the International Building Code (IBC) without any tension membrane analysis or deductions for use. We exclusively use Canadian engineers; We specialize in fabric covered buildings, canvas buildings etc. When engineered fabric buildings blow down it is usually due to wind blowing debris into the fabric, which removes the tension on the cover and makes the steel structure underneath unstable. This does not happen to Absolutely Covered buildings because of our engineered wind cable supports and wind reducer supports.

CNC Laser Cutting Services

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Micro Mailing Canada

At Micro Mailing Canada we have been providing direct mail printing and mailing services for the past twenty years. Catalogues, flyers, postcards, newsletters and other bulk mail - we have intimate knowledge of bulk and direct mailing regulations in Canada. For you this means accurate, efficient, cost-effective and worry-free mailing services.

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