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Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping is a technique used in physical animation. It is one of the oldest animation techniques still in use This technique allows human users to trace drawings frame by frame. That way the animator could get very realistic movements by tracing over the actor in the scene Many industries still use this technique for creating animation in live action It is mainly useful for branding of the any business

Visual connections

We are a professional Video Production Company in Toronto. We produce eye catching VFX and Animation Services for corporate, for schools or TV Ads

Visual connections

Visual Connections is the natural evolution of our advertising, VFX and Animation firm from its humble origin and started this company on 2013. After leaving behind a long trail of over 271 happy clients worldwide, we decided to expand our market and reach. Owing to the fact that more than 60% of our clients are from North America, we decided to have our base of operations in the picturesque and scenic city of Toronto, Canada.

Visual connections

VFX, or Visual Effects used in short films, movies, advertisements, etc. are one of the most important and deciding factors on the popularity and likeability of media amongst viewers. An observant viewer is often able to immediately differentiate between good and bad animation.

Visual connections

Motion graphics are small piece of animations and footage used to create the illusion of motion in any video. Creative Motion Graphics Production Company uses them to incorporate stunning transitions, moving backgrounds, and smooth animations of all sorts into their video projects. Motion graphics make your videos more exciting. In 2020 Every Business wants to incorporate the Motion Graphics videos to enhance their Business Growth in one or the other way

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